JSC «Independent Expert Company «Mosexpertise-Pskov»

Closed JSC “IEC «MOSEXPERTISE - PSKOV» was registered on the 30.th of August in 1999. The company was created with an aim of protection of Pskov and Pskov's region consumers against low quality production, which does not correspond to the declared properties and with an aim of providing a wide range of services in the field of test and evaluation of quality and quantity, authenticity and cost of various goods.

The founder of the company became the Closed JSC “IEC «Mosexpertise», which created the same-name holding company, including expert organizations, presenting different regions of Russia. A partner of the holding company became a group of companies IMCS, Independent Marine Consultants and Surveys with their headquarter in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

In the Closed JSC “IEC «Mosexpertise – Pskov» work highly skilled specialists who possess large practical experience and constantly advance their professionalism qualification. The main values of our company are independence, objectivity and professionalism.

Experts of the goods expertise department make an expertise of consumer goods (clothes, footwear, furniture, domestic appliances) including the used goods in accordance with requests of both juristic and physical persons.

Engineer and technical expertise department is engaged not only in the expertise of machinery, equipment, vehicles, but also in the production of an independent technical expertise of vehicles on the contract CTP in accordance with the duly approved regulations and methodological documents. Experts, that are included in the State Register, carry out a study of technical condition of a damaged vehicle, in order to define the nature of vehicle damages, the causes of damage, technology, volume and cost of repairs.

Demand for services of construction expertise department is rising constantly. The technique equipment of department allows to make the calculation of a damage with the help of the license estimate program, to determine the quality conformance of construction and repair works based on the imposed requirements.  

Since 2003 the translation department is operating to provide translation services of documents to the company clients.

Company experts provide the full set of services in regards to the determination of the market value of movable and immovable property, assessment of other objects of the civil rights, in respect to which the legislation establishes the possibility to participate in the civil circulation.  The Closed JSC “IEC «Mosexpertise – Pskov» complies with all requirements of the Federal Law N 135 FL from 29.07.1998 “About the evaluation activities in the Russian Federation”. The organization is a member of Non-Commercial Partnership “Russian Board of Appraisers” and Interregional Public Organization “Northwest Society of Appraisers for the development of valuation activity”.    

The Closed JSC “IEC «Mosexpertise – Pskov» conducts an active international activity. It is a member of the International Federation of independent experts (SNEF). The development of international relations is aimed at the creation and development of a unified expert and information environment in the expert activity. This cooperation is built on the principles of equality and free participation, trust and respect, mutual benefit and shared responsibility.

Each year the list of conducted expert studies and the types of expertise is expanding as well as the number of experts within the organization is increasing.

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